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Porsche - One of the most renowned luxury brands in the world


Porsche Carrera Cup









Rob Hall Racing


We are in the business of harnessing the excitement of motorsports to create business solutions bringing motorsports marketing programmes to life.

Motorsport is intrinsically linked to the Munich based company and is a very important part of it’s history. So much so that the iconic 911 has evolved over the last fifty years to become one of the most recognisable cars on the road and a thing of style and beauty.


With over twenty cars on the grid for the 2016 season, the action is sure to deliver on both excitement and speed.

Porsche - One of the most renowned luxury brands in the world


The opportunity to build your brand through an association with Porsche.

With an average race day attendance of 37,000 and a television audience well into the millions, the TOCA race weekends are the largest motorsport events in the UK. The race day attendance coupled with the impressive TV  coverage means that the reach continues to grow substantially each year.


In 2014 overall, 229 hours worth of coverage was broadcast on both ITV1 and ITV4 respectively and race day crowds totaled over 371,000.


Adding to this a demographic of men aged between 18-55 within the ABC1 socio-economic group,

Porsche provides you with an outstanding platform to get your brand out there and noticed. As you

can gather from the statistics, the potential reach is quite remarkably huge.

By becoming a team partner with Porsche, your brand will become linked with quality manufacturing, high performance and iconic design. The team and its drivers can also enter into product endorsement campaigns in order to add a human face or a competitive context to promotional campaigns.

Promotions can be further enhanced by the use of show cars at trade shows, conferences and other

events. Brands can build promotions around the eight race weekends on the calendar, offering competitions, product samples and personal appearances by drivers and team members to drive sales and retail traffic.

The associations and content generated from an involvement can lead to huge media opportunities in local, national and international newspapers as well as television, radio and magazines. Content and photography can also be used in press releases, presentations and on websites with social engagement and content-based activity putting digital fan engagement at its centre.Branded merchandise can be a very effective way of activating a sponsorship agreement, unifying employees or generating a return on investment by selling items to the public.

The foundation of any programme would be the creation of an innovative promotion called “Your Racing Team” linked to web, Facebook and Twitter sites.


We would encourage customers and clients to become a member of “Your Racing Team”. This would be achieved by having membership forms at every race meeting, at the point of sale and on the web, enabling them to send in their names, addresses, and Email addresses. In return they would receive

  • An A 3 size colour poster of the car and driver,

  • A “Your Racing Team” programme for the year.

  • A “Your Racing Team”car sticker.

  • The opportunity for every team member to have there name placed on the car with a photo of it being sent to them over the web thereby increasing their loyalty and enjoyment to the brand.

  • Regular updates regarding the exploits of “Your Racing Team” and fellow team members, through the web with social engagement and content-based activity.The latest “Your Racing Team” news and the chance to win a major prize such as a full day at a race meeting with the team where they can get involved with the action or a luxury weekend for two in a top hotel (or at the Monaco Grand Prix,?)


Many may perceive motorsport sponsorship to be just putting a sponsor’s logo on the side of a car Not so. .


On its own this is not going to be successful - there are a multitude of logos on a multitude of cars, along with the trackside banners and team clothing all plying for attention and are all likely to be lost in the general ‘noise level’. There must be a well thought out successful marketing promotion that uses motorsport as its foundation and which fits the target audience, delivering measurable and tangible results.


Inevitably the structure of the activities will vary; however it is likely that some of the items listed will be included, and will be linked across the media disciplines to ensure that a cohesive message is received by your target audience.

PR Campaign

Press, Social-media:

Newspapers (both national and regional).

TV, radio, magazines. Corporate print: internal newsletters, press releases, reports.

Special events, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, photography, website, brochures.

 Driver interaction with customers.

The opportunity exists to invite both the team and driver to business events. These may be sales conferences, exhibitions, product launches, charity events or even an exclusive business dinner with VIP clients. A racing car attracts a lot of attention when placed in an unusual setting.

Corporate hospitality. 
Business to business opportunities.
Motorsport offers the opportunity to spend several hours with customers, prospective customers, partners and staff within what is seen as a hi-tec, fast moving, glamorous and exciting environment.



The opportunity for a sponsor to create and implement special promotions, using sponsorship as a platform. These can range from promotions to participative events linked to the race programme itself.




The opportunity to develop a range of branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, caps and badges can be very useful in promoting the brand. An innovative sponsorship programme can provide an effective platform for this to generate a higher degree of interest than if it were simply product based.


‘In house’ promotional campaigns. A highly effective platform for the design and implementation of a successful incentive programme for a company’s sales force and partners.

This list is by no means exhaustive, each promotion requires detailed thinking and imaginative solutions, however any or all of these points can be built into your plan, naturally with greater emphasis being placed on the elements that match with your target customer’s mindset, to ensure success for your promotio


For more information on the  Championships please click on links below

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you what you really demand from a marketing promotion and thereby formulate a strategy that would best meet those needs. By listening and understanding your needs we are confident that we can deliver an innovative and successful sponsorship led marketing proposal.






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